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8-2 September 2003


szló Rudolf is encouraged by developments in Yugoslavia. The Bela Crkva archives have acquired the ability to copy the church books to CD. They are currently undergoing renovations, but should begin copying in October. He is confident we will have our CD by the end of the year! I am not quite that confident, but it looks like we are making progress.While awaiting these developments, szló has not been idle. He has photographed the tombstones in Zichydorf cemetery and the church books (approx. 1900-1950) in Ürményháza parish. These are the same books that we have in hard copy in the SGS library that we were planning to digitize. We will obtain these CDs in the coming weeks and copy them for distribution to those who have contributed to the camera and CD project. To contain the substantial postage costs, my intention is to not distribute these until the picture is more clear regarding the Bela Crkva archives. If we can obtain these records by the end of the year, we will consolidate all the CDs into one package for mailing. Anyone who has not yet joined the CD project may do so for $30.


I have just learned that the latest book in the Stader Sammelwerk series, Volume VI “P-Scha”, is available. We will obtain this book as quickly as possible.

Here are some web sites you might find interesting:

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Just a reminder that our web pages are now at Internet: I just checked them out and found some broken links. I will pass this on to the webmaster and hope to have them repaired and the newsletter posted soon.


Work continues on planning for this book. Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn as soon as possible to coordinate your efforts. Time is getting short!

We are looking for a title for this publication. We have decided to turn that job over to you. Please submit your ideas to Glenn by mail or email or bring them along to our next meeting. Whoever submits the chosen title will receive a FREE BOOK!


The following people have been added to the online researcher list:

C Alletag, Corine, 5803 Martinique Pass, Sugar Land, TX, 77479, USA, Phone: 281-265-1659, Email:, Searching: Mueller/Niedermayer

Please note the following updates and corrections:

C Hochban, Dr.Walter, Email:

C Miller, Harold, Email:

C Harle, Betty, Email:

C Johnston-Hill, Lori, 111 Rogers Road, Regina, SK, S4S 6T7

C Weihrauch, Jerry, Email:

C Stoeber, Jack, Email:

C Rachert, Andrew, Email:

C Hochban, Tim, 951 Cresthill Street, Kingston, ON, K7P 1H4, Phone: 613-634-0422

C Hohban (Hochban), Ken, Add new resource: Hochban Web Site 

Add second email:


Paid for 2003: J. Shenher, J. Miller, G. Schwartz, B. Harle, F. Dornstauder, E. Flichel, A. Busch, J. Lang, T. Dash, J. Molter, C. Ortman, C. Noll, K. Niedermayer, B. Petz, A. Fulford, M. O’Brien, S. Kragh, R. Borschowa, J. Mayer, S. Schultz, P. Eichhof, N. Stetner, J. Hugel, M. Rist, E. Hugel, A. Ritter, T. Franks, D. Miller, L. Johnston, L. Loos, T. Novak, B. Anwender, S. Gibbard, T. Achtzener, S. Ryan, J. Meyer, B. Fritz, K. Lambrecht, Joseph Hugel, A. Rachert K. Hohban, S. Luterbach, John Hugel, M. Kainer, S. Weishuhn, D. Giroux, J. Novak, D. O’Shaughnessy, D. Halliday, J. Busch Jr., J. Devine, J. Hayhurst.


Regina Branch will meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 4, at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library, 1870 Lorne Street. Enter at the north door on 12th Avenue. SGS personnel will conduct a tour of the library with an emphasis on areas of special interest to ZVA members. If you have any general or specific research questions, call or email Glenn in advance so the SGS presenters can be prepared with an answer. We will deal with the general questions of interest to all during the meeting. Members can pursue their individual inquiries after the meeting,. Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

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