SGS Library Resources

This is primarily a list of materials purchased by ZVA and held at the Saskatchewan Genealogy Library in Regina, Saskatchewan.

ZVA encourages new members to make a one time donation of $25 to our library fund. We, in turn, contribute your donation to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) which purchases items we specify. Canadians will receive a tax receipt from the SGS for their charitable contributions.

Although it certainly is not convenient for every member to personally visit the library in Saskatchewan, most of these materials are available via interlibrary loan or by asking someone to do a lookup for you. Also, we feel that it is important to have a repository in North America for many of the German resources that are otherwise even more difficult to access.

Although most of these items are in a special section of the SGS library devoted to Banat research, some items, family histories for example, are in other sections of the library. There are also separate sections for non-book items, such as microfilms, videos, charts, and CDs/DVDs. Ask the librarian for assistance. The items in the Banat section are listed at the SGS web site at

The list also includes a few items that are held by individuals. In most of these cases, the individual intends to donate the items to the SGS library at some point, but not yet. In the meantime, they are willing to do lookups for others. To stretch our resources, ZVA does not always duplicate the purchase of these items and to purchase other items instead to broaden our collection. You can contact the individuals by email. Click on User Profiles in the User Menu and find the person you want. If you have items that fit into this category and you would like to list them here, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Main Menu.

While the collection is focused on Zichydorf and its neighbouring Banat villages, it also includes other Banat villages that provided Zichydorf’s pioneers, other areas of Eastern Europe, and Zichydorf migrants to North America.

The list is broken down into several broad categories:

Donauschwaben – specific information about the individuals who migrated to Banat and general information regarding the Germans of the Danube region

Ethnic Cleansing – historical analysis and personal stories of the post WW II persecution of ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe

Historical Fiction – using historical facts, people and events to describe historical situations and imagine how individuals felt about their lives during settlement and development

Localities – individual towns (other than Zichydorf), counties, or countries

Military – Austrian military records and a history of the Prinz Eugen Division in WW II

Zichydorf – items relating particularly to Zichydorf and its families

  • Deis-Reslein Family History

    Subject: Alphabetical listing of migrants passing through Vienna on their way east. Title: John D. Deis and Lena Reslein – A Saskatchewan Story Author: Jeannette Miller Year: 2020 Media Type:…

  • The Simeon & Miller Families 1900-2020

    Print Email Subject: Family history of the Simeon & Miller families. Title: The Simeon & Miller Families 1900-2020 Author: Jeannette Miller Year: 2021 Media Type: Book Lending Status: Borrow How…

  • Les Lorrains du Banat

    Les Lorrains du Banat Print Email Details Hits: 30 Title: Les Lorrains du Banat Author: Eight authors edited by G√©rard Louis Year: 2021 Media Type: Book Lending Status: Borrow How…

  • Albrechtsflor

    Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Albrechtsflor im Banat und ihrer Filiale 1770-1991 Author: Karen Dalton Preston Year: 2021 Media Type: Book (2 volumes A-M & N-Z) Lending Status: Borrow How…

  • Morawitza

    Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Morawitza im Banat und ihrer Filialen 1786-1996 Author: Helga und Anton Hornung Year: 2021 Media Type: Book (2 volumes A-L & M-Z) Lending Status: Borrow…

  • Johannisfeld

    Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Johannisfeld im Banat und ihrer Filialen 1806-1988

  • Triebswetter im Banat 1901-2000

    Title: Triebswetter im Banat 1901-2000

  • Donauschwaben Place Names

    Title: Donauschäbisches Ortsnamenbuch

  • Basch

    Title: Erinnerungen eines Donauschwaben

  • Familienbuch Neuhof im Banat

    Subject: Neu hof Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Neuhof im Banat