Danube Swabian Legacy in Southeastern Central Europe

Title: Donauschwäbisches Vermächtnis im Südöstlichen Mitteleuropa – Geschictliche und Persönliche Bilanz Eines Erlebnis- und Wissensträgers – Ein Grundriß historischer und politischer Zusammenhänge von den Türkenkriegen bis zum Zerfall des Kommunismus (Danube Swabian Legacy in Southeastern Central Europe – The historical and personal deduction of an expert contemporary witness – An outline of historical and political interrelations from the Turkish wars until the collapse of Communism)

Author: Hans Sonnleitner

Year: 2008

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Hans Sonnleitner

Review/Description: You may recognize the author’s name from many Banat history and genealogical books. In this volume, he gives his perspective on the history of the Donauschwaben people. Also included are a few essays by other writer s. Unfortunately, this volume is in German, but there are several maps, tables, and pictures that the English reader might find interesting.

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