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Privacy Policy

From its founding in 1996 until 2023, ZVA collected the contact information and research interests of users with the purpose of helping family researchers to connect with other researchers of the same families. However, the increasing complexity, expense, and liability imposed by privacy laws created a burden that was too great for such a small organization to bear.

Beginning in 2023, ZVA will no longer collect any personal information of website users except as follows.

  • We will collect the email addresses of people who sign up specifically to receive our newsletter.
  • We will collect the email or snail mail addresses of people who order church records to enable sending such records and delete the addresses immediately afterwards.
  • Canadian users who donate to our library fund are eligible for charitable tax receipts from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Canadians who wish to receive such receipts may submit their name, email, and snail mail addresses. We will forward them to SGS to enable the issue of these receipts and then destroy the information.

Third Parties

ZVA deals with a few third parties at arm’s length.

  • Our website is hosted by WordPress. See the WordPress site for their privacy policy.
  • Online payments are processed through PayPal. See the PayPal site for their privacy policy.
  • The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society processes charitable receipts for Canadians who submit their contact information as a result of a donation to our library fund. SGS deletes this information after the receipts have been issued at the end of the calendar year.