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About ZVA

The Zichydorf Village Association is a group of family history researchers who all trace a branch of their families back to the village of Zichydorf and surrounding villages in the Banat area of Austria-Hungary. Today Zichydorf lies in Serbia and is known as Plandiste. Zichydorfers also helped to found the villages of Georgshausen (Györgyháza in Hungarian), just a few miles west, and Bethausen, in today’s Romania. Other nearby villages that are closely linked to Zichydorf include Setschanfeld (Szécsenfalva), Gross Gaj, Deutsch Stamora, Heideschütz, Ürményháza, and Morawitza. Zichydorf families have migrated to Germany, Austria, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and assorted other places. We welcome all the sons and daughters of Zichydorf to help us gather and preserve the history and genealogy of our ancestral village.

If the spellings of these village names do not sound like or look like what you have heard and seen, please check History of the Village Name. The villages have had many name changes and their pronunciations and spellings are quite variable. Your family legends may say that you came from Zichydorf (Chee-chee-dorf), Zichyfalva (Chee-chee-fal-va), Mariolana, Plandiste, Georgshausen (Gay-orgs-how-zen), Györgyháza (You-rick-ha-za), Velika Greda, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, or even Germany.  If your pronunciation is a little bit different, do not exclude yourself until you have done some investigation.  The spellings and pronunciations vary widely when translated into English by a few generations of English-speaking and story telling.